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July 07, 2006:
Cell phone games are gaining popularity at light speed. This website specializes in finding casino games for cell phones such as blackjack and Texas Hold'em poker

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Play Blackjack Games on Your Cell Phone

As cell phone use skyrockets, so does the need for entertainment on these handy little devices. I've done all the research that you can imagine to find cell phone blackjack, Texas Hold'em, and other popular casino games. (I've tested these games on both my mobile phones, and I assure you they work like a charm).

Cell phone blackjack imageDon't forget that you can play all of these games for real money as well as for free. When I'm waiting for my next meeting, stuck in an airport lineup, or wherever I find myself waiting (always with my cell - it never leaves my side) I'll open up my phone and start playing 21 blackjack or Texas Hold'em. It's a fantastic way to pass away those boring minutes! And if I know that I'm going to be stuck for a while, I'll log in to a Texas Hold'em tournament at Poker Room. I also tend to play lots of online poker on my home computer, and I find my cell is a great way to get in some poker while I'm on the road.

The cell phone casino and poker games listed on this site are operated by some of the most reputable gambling companies online. I'm talking about online casinos that are traded publically on the LSE and NYSE. These are by no means small "fly-by-night" websites. The gaming software could never harm your phone in any way.

How Does Cell Phone Blackjack work?

It's easy, really! Go to one of the websites that we have featured on the right side of this page, sign up for an account, and then you can send your phone a text message with a download link for the games. That's it! Now log-in and start playing! Texas Hold'em is available for cell phones now!

When you decide to try blackjack for your cell phone, be sure to charge your phone's battery....I'm willing to bet that you'll be playing for hours!

Just imagine, the next time you're stuck waiting for a late meeting, or waiting for your next flight, or maybe on your lunch break at work, you can grab your phone and start playing blackjack or Texas Hold'em. You won't regret downloading the software to your phone....unless you end up missing your flight because you're trying to decide whether to hit or double-down!